FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., Aug. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — SenesTech, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNES), a developer of proprietary technologies for managing animal pest populations through fertility control, today announced its sponsorship of the inaugural  «State of the Market Report on Rodent Control in Food Facilities». The Report is published by Quality Assurance and Food Safety Magazine (QA Magazine), and was released at the International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT in July 2018.  It will also be included in the July/August 2018 QA Magazine issue which will be released later this month.

SenesTech, Inc. is a leader in technology for managing animal pest populations through fertility control. (PRNewsfoto/SenesTech, Inc.) (PRNewsfoto/SenesTech, Inc.)

«From our company’s inception, food safety and food defense, have been core to our mission in developing ContraPest®, a proven fertility control solution to combat rat infestations,» stated Dr. Loretta P. Mayer, CEO and co-founder of Senestech. «By sponsoring  new industry reports like the State of the Market Report on Rodent Control in Food Facilities, not only can we add to the industry’s collective knowledge and help us all advance our integrated approach to rodent management, as a company, we can also further our understanding and continue to maximize the impact of ContraPest in solving  rodent management issues in essential settings like food safety.

The inaugural «State of the Market, Rodent Control in Food Facilities» report shares the results of a survey, sponsored by SenesTech, Inc, conducted by Readerex Research, a privately held research firm based in Stillwater, MN, and published by QA Magazine. With survey respondents from food processing managers and executives, the «State of the Market Report for Rodent Control in Food Facilities» reports on trends seen in target species, monitoring, problems & concerns caused by rodents, and new developments in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols. The final report is shared via print and digital media by QA Magazine, with a sub-set of propriety survey answers being made available to SenesTech.

Key findings of this report include:

  • Rats are the second leading rodent pest concern in food facilities, and of greatest concern and significance to food facilities, is the potential for rodents to contaminate food, resulting in citation or customer reaction.
  • The majority of food facilities are currently using a pest control company to implement their integrated pest management protocols, with a smaller percentage using internal employees or a combination of services.
  • Almost half (42%) of respondents are concerned or very concerned about the rapid reproduction of rodents, and nearly all (99%) of all food facilities see proactive pest control management as important.
  • Additionally, as part of the proprietary section of the survey, respondents indicated that they experienced mean losses of $12,400 in ingredients and $10,900 in mean losses to final product due to rodent activity in 2017.

«We continue to be committed to working with pest management professionals to serve the quality assurance and food safety industry, and this survey gives specificity and value to the importance of preventative IPM measures. As a proven, fertility control solution, ContraPest can support PMPs as they aim to prevent future rat infestations and the associated food contamination and damage,» said Tom Chesterman, CFO and head of commercialization for SenesTech.

About ContraPest®

ContraPest is an innovative technology that targets the reproductive capabilities of Norway and roof rats. As a highly palatable liquid, the formulation promotes sustained consumption, helping to reduce fertility in both male and female rats, bringing populations down and keeping them down. Our delivery system is designed to minimize handler exposure, and ContraPest is dispensed inside tamper resistant bait stations, minimizing the risks to non-target species.

As a versatile tool, ContraPest can be used within Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs to help reduce reproduction and magnify the success of IPM protocols or as a standalone, non-lethal solution for customers that are looking to reduce or eliminate the use of lethal methodologies.

For more information visit the SenesTech website at www.senestech.com/contrapest or email [email protected].

*ContraPest is a Restricted Use Pesticide, due to applicator expertise. Please read and comply with all label instructions. Target species: Norway and roof rats.

About SenesTech

SenesTech has developed and is in the process of commercializing a proprietary technology for managing animal pest populations, primarily rat populations, through fertility control. For more information visit the SenesTech website at www.senestech.com.

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