AutismOne: The leading-edge conference for autism is back, with a full convention center meeting in person; experts focus on children's health, rights, and housing

LOS ANGELES, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The AutismOne 2022 Conference dates in Mesa, Arizona, will be Thursday afternoon, August 18th through Sunday morning, August 21st. To register, the amount for one attendee will be $99 (early-bird price until 06/11/22) to be at AutismOne 2022 Conference presentations at the convention center in Mesa. And the hotel will be $89 per night + taxes/fees (the cut-off date is July 28th) at Delta Hotels by Marriott Phoenix Mesa. In order to get the discounted room rate ($89 per night + taxes/fees), conference participants will need to book their rooms no later than July 28th. To register for the AutismOne 2022 Conference, CLICK HERE at And Click here for the flyer.

Brilliant presenters who are doctors and/or researchers from around the world, will be speaking at the AutismOne 2022 Conference in August. The following presenters are from Arizona: Prof. James B. Adams, PhD; Dr. Shawn K. Centers, DO; Dr. Richard E. Frye, MD, PhD; and Dr. Cindy Schneider, MD.

Many of the most popular international speakers include Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt ("The most successful and yet often overlooked ASD treatment strategies: 30 years of trial and error"); Del Bigtree ("No More Dark Winters"); and Dr. Stephanie Seneff ("Glyphosate, Sulfate and Autism").

Learn about major breakthroughs at the AutismOne 2022 Conference:

AutismOne 2022 Conference, Mesa, Arizona
Back to Basics: The Foundation of Autism Recovery

Three Pillars of Autism Recovery -- Mesa, AZ, August:
1) The Foundation of Recovery: Basic & Advanced Topics 
How do I recover or help my loved one?

Learn how children recovered or greatly improved. Hear about the basics used for twenty years, and learn about the updated areas of health, treatment, research, medicine, nutrition, food, and law.

2) The Foundation of AutismOne

What were the key principles discovered by AutismOne's founders that improved the lives of thousands of children?

Nearly twenty years ago, a father, whose son had autism, retired from his position at Boeing so that Ed would dedicate his life to finding a cure and treatment for autism. Ed Arranga, with the help of other pioneering visionaries, left us with a legacy of key strategies that have helped thousands of children with autism to lead better lives. Ed Arranga, Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet, Dr. John Hicks, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein…pediatricians and warriors who cared deeply about children, recovering them from around the world. Learn of their legacy, vision, and strategies that will help your child today.

3) Protecting the Family

What will happen to my child if I become sick or incapacitated? Discover leading edge solutions to protect our children.

AutismOne will work and/or learn about places where children can be safely cared for while parents are in the hospital or parents pass away. The best gift would be safety for your child and confidence in your heart.

Join us...AutismOne August 2022 

AutismOne also thanks Visit Mesa Autism Certified! Visit Mesa is proud to be the "World's First Autism Certified City"! The people who work at Visit Mesa are wonderful, kind people. Please visit their website at

You can't miss AutismOne in the desert…the trailblazing AutismOne 2022 Conference: cutting-edge speakers' strategies and trailblazing research to help children with autism! Be there to change lives!

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