PHOENIX, Aug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — A $3 billion pipeline and pump station designed by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power will serve to take advantage of the unused renewable energy that’s been generated by the Hoover Dam since its inception. Pep Solar is a leader in renewable energy and champions the further development and the production of hydro batteries that will be an asset to Arizona homeowners and the environment as a whole.

Since the beginning of the renewable energy movement, one of the major hurdles has been establishing efficient and affordable methods of storing the generated power. Opponents to renewable energy – particularly those on the side of traditional power giants – have long argued that natural occurrences like cloudy days make solar power a useless option. Being able to find a way to store the solar and wind energy for later use is the key to unlocking the limitless potential of renewable energy – and the Hoover Dam project is proving exactly that.

The pump station will serve as a method for regulating the water flow through the dam, utilizing solar and wind energy as its main power source. By sending the water back to the top to meet peak demand, the station will function as an energy storage facility – essentially, a massive, solar-powered battery for California, Arizona and Nevada residents. This long-awaited project has been applauded by proponents of renewable energy solutions and labeled as an innovative method for maximizing the energy potential of the dam.

Sean Monaghan, one of the founders of Arizona-based PEP Solar, is celebrating this break-through with other leaders of the renewable energy community. For more than four decades, he’s championed the concept of solar power and renewable energy options, educating Arizona residents about the eco-friendly energy source that shines brightly in the desert sky year-round. He states that not only is renewable energy an incredibly smart way to protect the planet but is also a major money-saver for home and business owners. The Hoover Dam project is a major step towards a better world, opening up the public to what could very well be a game-changing solution for the American Southwest.

Everything we do [is because] we believe in renewable energy… the universe already shows us its perfect design. Not until all the laws of energy that are made by man are consistent with the laws of the universe will we live in a free world.

Monaghan and his peers are thrilled at the announcement of the Hoover Dam project – a concept he’s been pushing for more than a decade. Hydro batteries such as this one serve numerous uses, including night-time energy use, desalination plants, automated planting systems and the use of excess energy to produce clean drinking water. It’s «the perfect solution,» he states, especially for the dry, thirsty states of Arizona, California, and Nevada.

Since 1981, PEP Solar has played a major role in expanding the public’s understanding of the potential of solar energy. As the first residential solar panel installer in America, PEP Solar has also become well-known for creating innovative products that – much like the Hoover Dam project – lengthen the reach of the renewable energy movement. The company has won a number of awards and earned national recognition for their leading position in the solar power community, consistently working towards their goal of connecting Arizonan residents to the valuable power asset of renewable energy.

Now, with the advent of the Hoover Dam project, Monaghan is finally seeing the exciting unfolding of his dream for Arizona – being a part of the major movement towards worldwide renewable energy innovation.

Phoenix Energy Products™, LLC DBA PEP Solar is a privately owned, Arizona-based company dedicated to providing our customers and neighbors with advanced energy product solutions designed to meet your energy solution requirements. With 41 years of history installing residential solar, PEP Solar is the first residential solar installer in the United States (operating since 1978 in Arizona).  As a company, it has won over 50 awards. PEP Solar is a multiple winner of the Solar Power World’s Top-500 national solar contractors.

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