PHOENIX, Aug. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In June, Health Outreach Partners’ (HOP) featured Providertech as an innovative outreach practice leveraging technology to create trusting relationships, ensure access to health care, and improve self-management of care for vulnerable populations.

HOP began publishing Innovative Outreach Practices (IOPs Reports) in 2002 to showcase effective and field-tested strategies for enhancing patient outreach. With a focus on leveraging technology to improve outreach, HOP’s 2019 IOP Report details Providertech’s unique approach in:

  • Engaging underserved populations
  • Removing barriers to care
  • Maximizing organizational resources
  • Collecting and using data

In the report, HOP highlights Providertech’s ability to automate operational, clinical, and outreach needs using integrated text solutions. One example included Providertech’s collaboration with Adelante Healthcare in a phased approach to enhancing outreach and patient engagement efforts.

Lisa Blue, a registered nurse and vice president of Clinical Innovation at Providertech, contributed to the report, describing Adelante’s results after using Providertech.

Lisa notes, «Before Providertech, many outreach and enabling services tasks were tedious and staff turnover was high, particularly at the call center. When Providertech was implemented, staff roles shifted from calling patients to actually providing assistance with appointments, health education, and referrals. This shift to doing more meaningful work greatly impacted staff retention rates.»

As a result, the cost associated with implementing the tool «can be quickly recovered by utilizing appointment reminders to decrease no-show rates as well as through savings in staff time and effort,» states the report.

Are you part of a Primary Care association, Health Center Controlled Network, or other community-based organization or health center? The IOP Report recommends interested health centers consider the following four questions when exploring a tool like Providertech:

  1. How much automation currently exists?
  2. To what extent are automated systems integrated within the Electronic Health Record (EHR)?
  3. What are the health center’s biggest challenges and how will the tool address them?
  4. How will the tool align with existing workflows?

Read the report to learn more about how your health center can use technology to support access to care and patient engagement.

About Providertech (

Providertech offers scalable outreach platforms that use automated workflows to send text, voice, and email messages leading to improved outcomes and enhanced patient engagement. Easily integrated into EMRs, Providertech’s solutions enable healthcare providers, payers, and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) to more efficiently manage chronic care patients and promote wellness while helping to advance value-based care initiatives.

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