PHOENIX, March 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Sports, the officially licensed college basketball App for 45 Division 1 College Basketball schools, has rolled out an exciting new updated version of their College Basketball MVP App called March to Glory. Unlock your College Basketball team as they move towards the championship game. The MVP App uses patented technology to allow for head-to-head play – challenge your rival today.

College Basketball MVP makes you an All American on your favorite college team. Choose your team, customize your uniforms, choose your arena and play head to head against live players. The winners gain points and move on!

Game play currently features 6 of the Sweet Sixteen tournament teams for 2017:

  • University of Kentucky Wildcats
  • University of South Carolina Gamecocks
  • Baylor University Bears
  • University of Arizona Wildcats
  • Purdue University Boilermakers
  • University of Oregon Ducks

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Updates include:

+ NEW! March to Glory
+ NEW! Pick your play technique. Swipe or Flick
+ NEW! Enhanced University branded Arenas

Aquimo LLC

The term «game changer» has become a cliché in business circles.

At Aquimo, it is a reality.

Aquimo has developed groundbreaking mobile interactive sports games that fans can play anywhere. The platform is ingenious: players utilize motions with their smartphones to play sports games – and they connect to an Amazon cloud-based gaming engine and any web-enabled or Virtual Reality (VR) display to participate in real-time interactive sports play. The platform is scalable to more than 100 million users and is protected by 35 patents.

The Aquimo platform has three major applications: mobile college and pro athlete branded multi-player sports games, live-event gaming in stadiums with 50,000 fans playing simultaneously on the digital board, and VR sports games launching in 2017.

Aquimo is a Fermata Partners, CLC and Learfield contracted vendor and is licensed with more than 45 schools including Notre Dame, Kentucky, Alabama, Baylor, Iowa, Oregon, ASU, and Arizona.

The Aquimo management team is comprised of world-renowned experts in marketing, technology management, and mobile game design. Mark Jeffery, the president and CEO, is a former professor at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and author of the book Data-Driven Marketing which was awarded best book of the year in 2011 by the American Marketing Association; and the Chief Technology Officer, Manoj Rana, was integral in designing and building the Ameritrade trading platform.  Aquimo has offices in Mesa, Arizona, Berkeley, California and Delhi, India.

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