PHOENIX, Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Healthcare organizations have been facing rising costs for decades, and that equation isn’t set to change any time soon. In fact, some reports have warned that hospitals may face an increase in problems like Medicare bad debt in the near future. R-C Healthcare Management, though, is working to help tackle that problem and eliminate the funding issues fast.

Understanding the Problem

Provider’s bad debts that are uncollectible from Medicare beneficiaries are often a real problem for healthcare organizations. Understanding when bad debts should be claimed and how to do so is a long, intimidating process that can be as frustrating as it is intense. Because so much must be done, providers often need assistance in completing the process.

The R-C Healthcare Difference

R-C Healthcare understands that the process of recovering Medicare bad debt may be an unnecessary burden on a healthcare organization’s resources, so they’ve developed a unique service that helps review each account line-by-line, make the necessary adjustments, and obtain payment for those debts.

“Our services have an acceptance rate of over 98%, which is huge for organizations fighting to get out from under the bad debt so often involved in Medicare cases,” said Dave Hanak, Director of Business Development.

The program hasn’t remained static in the face of the changing healthcare system either. While it was originally designed for traditional Medicare, it has now been expanded to include Medicare Advantage cases as well, helping to address the bulk of the bad debt problems organizations are facing today. Contact the experts at R-C Healthcare Management today.

Dave Hanak, Director
R-C Healthcare Management
1538 E Maryland Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85014

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