SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — A non-compliant construction payroll check can lead to a fine or other harsh penalty imposed via the Davis – Bacon and other Related Acts.

Companies that have Compliant Client by eMars ( are not concerned.

Every submitted payroll is audited, on line, in real time, against the wage determination and all 30 causes that are in support of Davis – Bacon and Related Acts. Plus, all at rest data input into the Compliant Client system is encrypted.

The encrypting process makes each at rest file unreadable and useless.

What happens to typical at rest data in most computers?

For many organizations, at rest data is only protected by the user name and code to get into the computer.

Encryption is the next step in security.

The primary purpose of encryption is to protect the confidentiality of digital data stored on computer systems or transmitted via the internet or other computer networks. Encryption provides confidentiality, integrity and authentication.

Why would eMars, offering Compliant Client, protect it’s “at rest data” with encryption?

“Security and peace of mind for our clients is our major concern,” says Woody Chamberlain, President of eMars Incorporated, the company that offers Compliant Client. From routine payroll reviews to the complicated tracking of certified apprentices and calculation of restitution, the Compliant Client ensures that at rest payroll data is encrypted, remains error free and follows the guidelines of Davis – Bacon and Other Related Acts.

“eMars encrypts all at rest data,” continued Mr. Chamberlain.

“We handle, save and encrypt hundreds of thousands of bits of information for our clients. Their workers privacy and sanctity cannot be compromised,” says Mr. Chamberlain.

Bad guys can’t understand or use the at rest data from the Compliant Client System by eMars.

The Compliant Client system is a web based, certified, prevailing wage, accuracy system that requires no installation or maintenance of software.

Compared to paper and pencil preparation, this guaranteed system represents an 80% productivity improvement, noted by its users.

Immediate prompts alert the user how to solve the problems and guarantee compliance.

Designed with input from the Department of Labor, agencies and contractors, this system is user friendly. Custom plans are designed for each contractor. There are no hidden charges for renewal, mapping, training or startup. 

Compliant Client’s 15,000 + clients, have not had any random Department of Labor audits for the past 3 years.

Spending time and money worrying about a compliant payroll? Concerned about the safety and confidentiality of each at rest file?

Relax… with Compliant Client by eMars, featuring encrypted at rest data.


Mr. Woody Chamberlain
eMars Inc.
3251 N. Scottsdale Roade Suite 105-293
Scottsdale, AZ 85226
Ph: 480-595-0466


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